Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I'm the crazy cat lady....

Here is Trinket. I love how fat she looks in these pictures. Luckily she is furry, and it hides how bony she really is. She is doing really well. Her eyes have cleared up, and there is no more green goo. She isn't limping on her leg at all anymore. Her wheezing is getting a lot better, and she eats like a horse. She is so amazingly friendly, and just wants to sit with you or if you get up and go somewhere in the house, she will follow you. She comes when you call her, which I didn't know cats would do. She also likes to ride in the car. I took her for a ride through the drive through tonight just so she doesn't equate car rides with going to the vet.

I called and got her a health insurance policy today. It will take effect January 14th (there is a 2 week wait until the coverage starts) so I made an appointment for January 22nd to get her spayed. If any of you are like me and will go broke trying to save your pets, an insurance policy might be something of interest to you. I use VPI, and have been really happy with them. I have policies on all 4 of my pets, and it relieves me the burden of worrying about how much a vet bill is. Nick and I got insurance after our greyhound Hannah ended up at the U of MN vet hospital in intensive care to the tune of $5,000. It's really come in handy because 10 months after we got Hannah insurance, she got cancer. She unfortunately died from it, but the insurance covered about $1300 of the $1800 vet bill we had. It even covered euthanasia. Ok, I sound like a commercial, but I really am a fan of the product. :)

So, tonight Nick and I went to our friends Bree and Rob's house. We ate junk food, and played games. Sadly we are apparently old now, and I wanted to go home and go to bed at about 12:30. Of course here I am an hour later, dog tired, and writing in my blog...most likely incoherently. (And I didn't even drink, I'm just tired)

Anyway, Happy New Year to all! Hope 2008 brings us all nothing but good things....and a shiny new Democratic President!! ;)

Love you all!


Walt said...

I'm so happy Trinket is responding to everything so quickly. You did a good thing and she knows it.

I was in bed before the ball dropped last night. Frustrated at the computer. I'm much better today, though.

Happy New Year.

Michael said...

Trinket is uber-cute (and I love the new name)... make sure you tell her how lucky she is. We try to remind Buddy of that daily and yet it doesnt seem to sink in :-)