Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another weekend is over.

Well, here we are. It's Sunday night again. It seems like just a minute ago that it was Friday, and the weekend held such promise. :) I'm not sure where it went, but it's over. Sadzies!

Yesterday I recorded my first podcast with Walt and Nessa. It wasn't nearly the trainwreck that I had feared it might be. Sure there were some awkward pauses, but all in all, it wasn't awful...and that's more than I could have hoped for! Go check it out. (if you want to)

After that I had to meet my cousin, who lives in Iowa at an outlet mall. I had done some work to her wedding ring, and would rather drive and meet her, than mail it. While at the outlet mall, I bought myself a new Columbia jacket. It was only $39.90, so I got a good deal. Then we went out to Famous Dave's for dinner. It was pretty good, although not on my diet. (what diet??) Tomorrow, I really have to gain control of myself. I've gained a few pounds, and am filled with self-loathing over it. Seriously, I just can't seem to control myself. I'm like a junkie with food.

Today, I had a leisurely day and just hung out and surfed the net. Then we went to see "Untraceable." It was mediocre. The popcorn and M&Ms were at least something was good, right?

That was about it for today. As busy as I was yesterday, I more than made up for it by doing nothing today!

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