Sunday, September 26, 2010

My trip to NYC

My awesome Mary Poppins parrot umbrella. Love it!
Me and Matty post dinner. Fun is coming to an end. :(
Me and Matty in Little Italy
My last dinner with Matty view from the other side of the table.
My last dinner in NYC with Matty. :(
Me at the Hudson hotel...before I saw how tragic the room was.
The Hudson Hotel. Seriously, the worst hotel I've ever stayed in.
Look! A murder! Um....SMILE!
Eeeek! A murder!
Matty and Larry at El Centro...yeah we ate there twice. It was good.
Our last picture at the Waldorf before the chandelier went out in our lives. :(
Larry and chilequiles! Delicious. If you're ever at El Centro, get this!
Chandelier at El Centro. Cracks me up!
El Centro! I love the lamp!
I love this picture. It's me and Matty in Union Square. He fixes me when I'm broken.
Max Brenner: Chocolate by the Bald Man....with the bald man.
I love this picture. It's me in a Matty and Larry sammich. :) Also, we have yummy chocolate treats to share in Union Square. Fun times.
At Max Brenner...why didn't I get this chocolate syringe?????
Larry with caprioska
Lunch with my friend Mitch
Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity!
Matty and his treat at Serendipity
Larry and Serendipity treat.
Matty and Larry at Serendipity. Larry was sleepy-sleeps.
Giant menu at Serendipity!
This still makes me laugh. Larry, Matty and the DILF. Look at the guy's horrified expression on his face. Cracks me up!
Matty under the chandelier....yeah I know. We had fun with the chandelier. It was funny.
Larry under the chandelier.
Matty and me under the chandelier on day 1
The toilet chandelier at the Waldorf Astoria
Larry Klye and the infamous Peach Infused Vodka at Vlada
Larry Klye at Vlada on Day 1

Here are some of my pics from my trip to NYC last week. I had so much fun, and I miss Matty and Larry like crazy. I love them both so much.