Thursday, November 27, 2008

10 Random things I feel Thankful for.

1. I was lucky enough to be born in this country where I have virtually limitless possibility. The simple fact of where you happened to be born is one thing you have no control over what so ever, yet can be the single most significant factor in what kind of life you will lead. I could just as easily been born in Darfur, or any third world, war-torn country.

2. As many health issues as I honestly do have, and as serious as they may be, I am relatively healthy. I am strong, fairly fit, and in no real pain.

3. I have extremely wonderful and supportive friends.

4. I have a nice, comfortable house. In a really wonderful, tight-knit neighborhood. I can honestly say I know every one of my neighbors.

5. I have a good reliable car.

6. I have a decent education. I'd still like to go back for a different, more marketable degree, but the ones I have are okay.

7. I find a reason to laugh every single day, and try to remain positive.

8. Nick has a very stable job in these scary economic times. Mine....not so much. But I feel lucky that one of us does. I know couples where both of them have been laid off, and I would lose my mind if I were in that situation.

9. I've been disciplined enough to save money every month in my money market, stock account, and my 401 (k).

10. Barack Obama was elected President of the United States of America!!!

Bonus just for my dear friend Larry Klye:

11. Dear baby Jesus, I am thankful for alcoholic beverages! Especially when one must spend time with the family!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

50 Random Statements:

1. I almost knocked Oprah to the ground running to the restroom once when I had the flu.

2. I think my parrot is much smarter and better company than all but maybe five people I know.

3. I am an environmentalist, yet drive an SUV and make no apologies.

4. I love all things purple.

5. I feel fatter at 115 lbs. than I ever did at 159 lbs.

6. My biggest fear in life is having a stroke.

7. My house is currently a pig sty.

8. I don't know exactly what the hell a pig sty is.

9. I always thought I was a dog person until I got my cat.

10. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Costa Rica.

11. I regret marrying at 24.

12. I don't regret not having kids.

13. I believe Barack Obama will do great things.

14. I'm secretly in love with Nate Silver.

15. I have a strange attraction to geeky men.

16. I may be critical of others, but I'm much more critical of myself.

17. If I had to chose between my husband and my iphone.....I think the iphone might win.

18. Secretly, I adore Anderson Cooper for being the host of the Mole.

19. I want botox for the wrinkle between my eyes. Smile lines are okay, frown lines are not.

20. I wish I had different parents.

21. I will likely die before I see 60, and I'm okay with that.

22. I love cheesy reality tv.

23. I own the book Twilight, yet don't want to read it just because it's the big thing right now.

24. My Grandpa means the world to me.

25. I'm much more sensitive and fragile than I'll ever let on.

26. I'm addicted to Costco.

27. I love going to the dentist.

28. Fresh cut grass is the best smell in the world....right after chocolate chip cookies.

29. I still miss my dog Hannah, who died 10.23.05, and my dog Misty who died 5.3.99.

31. I have a crush on Jim from The Office.

32. I've never been to Europe, but want to go very much.

33. I speak French and German.

34. When I'm stressed I have recurring dreams of clowns chasing me. (clowns scare the hell out of me!)

35. I know it's bad, but I like McDonald's food.

36. I'm terrible with the computer, but I'm a gadget savant.

37. I have an excellent memory.

38. I'm fiercely loyal.

39. I secretly like Miley Cyrus.

40. I feel guilty for being an animal lover, yet still eating meat. I know better.

41. I love shoes, purses, coats, and jewelry. A lot!

42. Diamonds go with everything, including jeans or pajamas. :)

43. Cruises are the best vacations.

44. I tend to pick up strays. Both animals and people.

45. I wear a mouth guard and a retainer to bed because I clench my jaw from stress.

46. I was happy when my parents finally divorced because it was more peaceful than living with the tension.

47. I don't really know my siblings.

48. I slouch, and hate that.

49. I fall asleep at Broadway shows even though I enjoy them.

50. I'm currently ignoring the fact that I need a pacemaker at age 37.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Stolen from Walt...cause that's how I roll.

What Your Love of Twix Says About You

You are a generous and caring person. You are soft hearted.

You're the type who needs a partner. You just don't feel right on your own.

You are more fragile than outward appearances would suggest.

You tend to be a pushover. You are very sensitive and easy to break.

What Does Your Favorite Candy Say About You?

Ok, I'm not going to lie....this is actually frighteningly accurate about me!! Everything except the "needing a partner and not feeling right on my own" is pretty much right on. :) What kind of candy are you? Is the description accurate? Let me know!