Friday, June 13, 2008

Gay Days Orlando

I should have blogged about Gay Days before I was tired of telling the stories....but I didn't.

Suffice it to say, I had a great time. I met a lot of really great people! There wasn't a single person I met and hung out with last weekend that I didn't truly enjoy. Kevin and Michael were wonderful hosts, and made me feel very comfortable at their house, and I can't thank them enough for their hospitality.

We played Wii Fit the first thing when I got there. It was a riot to watch Kevin play it. I hit the baked goods hard right away, too. Kevin makes a mean brownie. :) Then we went off to Sleuth's mystery dinner theater to see Michael in a show. Kevin and I got a cocktail and waited on their patio for everyone. The first to arrive was Big Fatty and Larry Klye. In person, Big Fatty is just as sweet as he can be. I just adored him so much. Then Ryan and Scott and Jason and Jamie came. Right after Michael and Kevin's friend Josh came. The whole thing was really great, and it was fun to see Michael in action. Also, there was cake involved.

Friday, we went to Epcot because Michael had to work as Dr. Allbright with Figment. (and yes, that music would drive any sane person to drink) Kevin and I promptly got margaritas in Mexico, (at 10:55am my time) and shortly after, Big Fatty joined us with Larry Klye. We stopped and got Churros because that is a nutritious breakfast especially with a margarita. Just then Taylor, Taffy, and Rodan joined us. They are fabulous! Very funny, and Rodan is pretty cute in the face. :) We rode some rides, and eventually ate fish and chips in the UK pavillion. Yummy! The fish and chips were fabulous! After that we went to the bakery in France and had some yummy pasteries. Chocolate cake was involved for me. (Of course) It was pretty hot, and we went home shortly after the cake.

We met the group at Maggiano's for dinner. Added to the group from earlier were Ricky, Tim, British John, Michael and Kevin's friend Kevin, and Ryan's friend Will. Dinner was fabulous! I got my calamari, so that was happy! :) There was a ton of food, and I practically ate myself sick. Yay gluttony! I had fried cheese with marinara sauce on it, and that was fabulous! We had cheese ravioli that was really good. I didn't even try a lot of it, but I was stuffed. And for dessert I got some chocolate cake. (second chocolate cake of the day for me, if you're counting) There are some pictures of me licking the plate, that would embarrass me if I had any dignity whatsoever, but I clearly don't, so whatever. Sadly, that is probably going to be the show art for the podcast we recorded tonight. :) I'm hot...I'm classy! That's right!

Saturday was the Magic Kingdom portion of Gay Days. We met everyone at the Carousel of Progress, and of course I promptly started my day with some ice cream, because we saw Larry Klye eating some, and know me. So Kevin and I went and got ice cream for our breakfast. Yum! Then once everyone (sort of know who you are) showed up, we went into the Carousel of Progress. It was good for a nice, air-conditioned nap. Then we rode Space Mountain while there was no wait...but it broke down for a little while, but it still wasn't that long of a wait. We hit the Haunted Mansion, which was fun. John was scared Big Fatty was going to touch his pee-pee on the ride, so to protect him, I rode it with John and Taffy, and frankly it was a tight fit, at best. I think it's meant for 2 people, so 1/2 my ass was pressed against the side of the ride, the other half was on British John. I think I got pregnant on that ride.... ;) We had burgers for lunch at Pecos Bill's. Then set off to ride Big Thunder Railroad. I got the fast pass for the wrong ride, but they let me trade for that one, so that was nice. I rode it with Michael, and had fun. It was really fucking hot that day, and I got a touch of the wilt. Ricky, Tim and I decided to go hunting for a Princess mouse ears hat for me. So, of course being the princess I am, I got it embroidered with my name. This is something every 36 year old should have in her wardrobe, right??

Then it was time for High Tea at the Grand Floridian. We went to Taylor and Taffy's hotel room to freshen up because who wants to go to high tea smelling like an animal. I changed into a little dress so I looked somewhat presentable, and we went to tea. It was lovely. One of our listeners, Darren, came too, so that was cool. I sat with Tim, Kevin, Jeremy, and John. I had little sandwiches, scones with clotted cream, tarts, and some pastries. It was actually quite a bit of food and I was pretty full. It was really fun, and we had plenty of lively, yet inappropriate conversation. After that we went to Michael and Kevin's and played some Match Game, and then Catch Phrase. We ordered pizza for dinner and later Taylor and Rodan came over to spend the night.

The following morning, Kevin made us a really yummy breakfast! He made some homemade scones, cheesy eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, yogurt, with homemade granola. It was all fabulous! He's the hostess with the mostess. :) Then Big Fatty and Larry Klye came over to follow us to Ryan's pool party and before we left, he played a little Wii Sports and Wii Fit. It was good times to watch Dad play the Wii!

We went to Ryan's pool party, and it was really nice. Ryan and Scott have a lovely home, and there was a ton of great food. I even tried the infamous pineapple casserole. It was pretty tasty! They had burgers, brats, and an assortment of other food. Kevin brought his sinful brownies. :) I swam in the pool and caught a touch of the Hep C. Good times were had by all! After dark, several boys got naked and went in the hot tub....note to self for next year: bring your glasses. I didn't see a thing! :( Boo. Anyway we stayed until about 10:00 and on the way we hit Steak N Shake. I only got a shake because I was full, but Kevin got food. He'd been on a liquid diet all day, so he was a touch of the hungry.

Monday we had to go to Lens Crafters, because Michael's glasses broke at Epcot, and well, I guess he wanted to see. Their computers were down, so they couldn't make them. We shopped for a while in hopes that their computers would be back up and running, but no such luck. I had my very first Chick-Fil-A, and I guess I didn't react quite right. Don't get me wrong, it was good. But, it was just a chicken sandwich. I think it was built up too much. It couldn't possibly live up to the hype. Big Fatty and Larry Klye joined us for lunch, and Ryan and Scott came a little after we were done eating. We shopped a little while longer in hopes that Michael's glasses would somehow get done. We went to Coldstone, and I had some yummy Birthday Cake Remix. :) Yum!! Then I went to the airport, and went home.

The end of Gay Days. Sadzies! I had sooooo much fun! I absolutely adore Michael and Kevin sooo much! (I'm buying the house next door and moving in) Everyone was really nice, and I had a blast.

If you want to see pics of my trip, or my random life, you can check out my flickr. It's now linked on my blog. Yay for Walt! :)

P.S. I NEED an iPhone July 11th. Not want, but NEED!