Monday, January 21, 2008


Well, tomorrow we have an appointment to have Trinket spayed and declawed. I feel bad about the declaw, but I have to protect River. Maybe nothing would ever happen, but maybe isn't good enough. I have to do everything in my power to make sure he is safe. As the day grows closer, I feel worse and worse about it, but the vet assured me that they will send her home with lots of pain meds. (I wonder if I can have some too?)

Trinket also went into heat for the first time today. I'm glad I already had an appointment for her to be spayed because she is being quite obnoxious. Lots of meowing and rolling on her back. Poor girl.

Otherwise not much going on...gearing up for the new podcast. The podcast blog is in full swing, and the first show should be recorded on Saturday. (maybe)


Walt said...

How's she doing? Have you heard any news yet?

Fairy Princess Holly said...

I called the vet's office. She came out of surgery fine, and they will keep her over night for recovery. I can't wait to get her home again. The whole house dynamic is thrown off without her. :(