Sunday, January 13, 2008


We went to see Juno today. Run, don't walk to go see this movie. I absolutely loved it. It's smart and funny, all the things that make a great movie. I will most likely even buy it when it comes out on DVD. I also bought the sound track for it on iTunes this afternoon. (Thanks to a certain someone for the $60 in iTunes gift know who you are--love ya, mean it!) :)

We also had a play date today with Nick's aunt Bonnie's dog Markie. (Did that even make sense?) Markie is her new beagle puppy that she got after her dog Murphy died of kidney failure in that pet food fiasco last February. Markie and Harvey played really well together. Trinket, however was having none of it. She hated Markie. A lot. With a passion. I think he was a bit too high energy for her. Our dogs move slow enough that she can give them a swipe with her claws if they don't have proper manners with her. Markie was going 100 mph towards her, and she ran for it. She was really scared and hid on the window sill behind closed blinds. You could only see 4 white feet just below the blinds. It was funny, although Trinket didn't think so!

I can't believe it's already Sunday night. :( Can it be Friday again?? I'm not ready for another Monday so soon. Wasn't it just Monday a minute ago??


Mr. Bee said...

I have seen Juno twice. I think it is absolutely one of the most fantastic films. The script is absolutely brilliant. The performances were outstanding, especially Ellen Page and Allison Janney. It is a shame it did not win any Golden Globes, a real shame. Atonement was great, but I think Juno was far superior.

Walt said...

Sounds like Trinket has met her match. And she's having none of it, which amuses me greatly.