Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas is finally over! Woot!

Yesterday my grandpa came down from Nevis MN to spend the night for our family Christmas party today. He's fabulous, and I always love to spend time with him!

I was the bigger person and invited my crazy mother out to dinner with us last night. She wouldn't do the same for me because she likes to pretend I don't exist. She accepted my invitation, and we went out for Italian. I had fettuccini alfredo, which is a weakness of mine. Oh well. Bring on the heart attack--it's practically inevitable with my genetic condition anyway. My mother behaved in an acceptable manner. She treated my like I was a person and interacted with me and everything. Weird.

Today all the relatives (27 of them) came over to celebrate Christmas. We had a million different appetizers, and I'm stuffed. We had bbq chicken wings, buffalo wings, chicken tenders, shrimp, a crab ball, spinach dip, artichoke dip, fruit, veggie tray, (don't worry, I saved some for Archerr), tons of cookies, candies, nacho cheese dip....tons more that I can't think of. We could have invited 50 more people and been fine--that's not even an exaggeration. I got lots of nice gifts. My aunt Mary Kay usually gets me something extra nice because with my mother the way she is, my aunt kind of adopted me. My mother sometimes doesn't even give me anything. (I always give her something...that whole bigger person thing and all) This year my mother gave me a Karen Neuberger nightie. Those are my favorite kind of jammies, super soft and comfy for winter. I was shocked.

Trinket was the big hit of the party. The little kids carried her around like a baby all day, and she tolerated it like a champ. Amazing. She didn't hide or run away at all. I'm pretty sure she is either a dog or an alien. She doesn't do normal cat stuff. Here are the things she does that I think are weird. She comes to her name, always without fail. She likes to ride in the car, and will just sit on my lap and purr while I drive. Then if I get out, she sits on the dash and just hangs out. She likes to go shopping at PetSmart, which by the way gets you a LOT of attention...I guess most cats aren't great shoppers! I had someone ask if my cat was sedated because she was just hanging out while I carried her in the store. I bought her a collar, and put it on her. I thought she would hate it, and she didn't care at all. I am amazed that a cat that has only known living outside and foraging for food just accepts whatever happens and is so mellow.

On Trinket's health, she is doing great! I weighed her yesterday, and after less than 8 days at our house she managed to put on 1.5lbs. You can't feel her ribs poking out anymore, and she isn't scrawny or sickly anymore at all. Her coat is even looking prettier every day. She is really doing great! I can't believe how quickly she improved!


Nessa said...

I am glad to hear that you had a decent time with your mom.

Trinket is a lucky kitteh. You are a great mommie to her. She's so adorable too. It makes me happy to know she's doing so well.

Mr. Bee said...

Trinket is doing well because you have provided her with a loving and healthy home. You should be proud of yourself for saving an animal. Well done Princess Holly!

Walt said...

Christmas is over. I feel better for you. Rest up, because you're going to have to go through this again in 11 3/4 months.