Friday, January 18, 2008

Holly's videos....and nobody's wearing any clothes!!!

Okay, so the headline might be a tiny bit misleading...but it got you here, didn't it??

This is a video of Trinket playing with her new toy. You can hear River in the background talking in both videos. The rest of the family joined in on the fun for the second video...but it seems to not want to upload, so here you go. Bear with me, as it's my first attempt at a video blog. :) Thanks!

xoxo~ The crazy animal lady


Walt said...

She totally dominates Sunshine, doesn't she?

I just watched it twice, giggling the whole time. I wish my cats were that young again. I love how much energy kittens have.

I hope you can get the other one uploaded, too.

Fairy Princess Holly said...

The other one is really the better video, but it simply refuses to upload. I'll try again tomorrow.

She dominates Harvey even more. The only one that thinks she *isn't* in charge, is River.

Nessa said...

haha so cute!!! she has gotten bigger, I can tell. Looks like you found a toy she likes :D!

Archerr said...

How cute! I love how the kitty swats at the dog to say "Get away from my toy" hahaha

Ricky B said...

I love animals :) Your kitten is too cute! I want one like her.