Saturday, December 29, 2007

River cracks me up!

This is what happened this morning as I came out of the mudroom/bathroom area that we are using to quarantine the new kitty. River is my African grey parrot, and he has the intelligence of about a 6 year old. He speaks in complete sentences, and completely understands what he is saying. He amazes me daily, and I adore him.

River: What's in there?
Me: A kitty. Do you know what a kitty is?
River: Nope.
Me: It's like a dog. Like Sunshine and Harvey but smaller.
River: Oh. Cool!


Walt said...

Holy crap, that's freaky.

Mr. Bee said...

Okay here are my choices for names:

Ms Pickles
I am sure you will come up with something better. Thank you for adopting a stray. I hope she makes an excellent addition to your family.

Nessa said...

that is freaky and awesome at the same time.

Nessa said...

OOH! Holly, I call Jazzmine Jellybean, it's super cute.