Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ignore it, maybe it'll go away.

So, I should have done Christmas shopping today...but in typical procrastinator fashion, I ignored it. Instead, I watched Office Space, Legally Blonde, worked out on the treadmill, and went to see The Mist at the movie theater. Then when we came home I watched Survivor.

I also had some sinus problems today, and had to take some Tylenol Sinus, which is about the only thing that helps me. I need the good kind from behind the counter. The funny thing is, since they started putting it behind the counter, I am always paranoid that they won't sell it to me. I'm not sure why that is...maybe some good old fashioned Catholic guilt. (not Catholic anymore, but raised Catholic, and the guilt thing stays for life) I can't imagine a person less likely to make meth with the pseudoephedrine than a 36 year old woman from the suburbs, who's worst crime is having a lead foot, but I'm always sure their going to deny my drug purchase. In fact, one time when I was buying it, Nick hadn't shaved in a couple of days and had on a stocking hat, and I made him stand far away and pretend not to know me. I thought he looked a little shifty that day, and might stand in between me and my drugs. :) I'm crazy like that.

The movie we saw was good, but this trashy man sitting in our row a couple of seats away kept burping really loud all through the movie. (I leaned over and said, "Your mother must be so proud." He ignored me.) I hate people. Why don't 95% of people have any clue how to behave in a movie theater. Listen up people: It's NOT your living room. Behave like you are in a public place. Don't talk loud, don't burp loud, and for crying out loud DON'T answer your cell phone!!! Seriously! I'm also the bitchy lady who will say something to them. If you want to talk loud, wait until it's on DVD (which only takes a couple of months) and watch it at home!


Mr. Bee said...

I could not agree more with you. Unfortunatley it is up to the movie theater to prevent that kind of behavior. I have seen more "free" movies because of that. Trust me, I will complain to management for letting people in with crying infants, children who misbehave, chatty cathy's and the like.
How did you like the Mist? I thought it was good, especialy the ending. I foound it to be a perfect allegory for our times.
I saw "I am Legend" despite mediocre reviews, I thought it was good. I also was not expecting it to be what it was, so maybe that is why I enjoyed it more.

Fairy Princess Holly said...

I liked The Mist, and agree completely with you. The crazy rantings of Marcia Gay Harden's character seemed awfully George W. Bush to me...

Walt said...

I love cranky and paranoid Holly. I can really identify with her.

RambleRedhead said...

Loved your comment to the guy about how his mom must be proud - made me laugh out loud! Glad to see you are not afraid to speak up and you shouldn't when we have to pay the prices to see a movie these days!

My best movie experience was years ago when I saw The Hand that rocks the cradle and it was a packed house and this woman was screaming at the screen for the child to get back in her room - it made the entire audience laugh when it was a scary moment.