Friday, December 28, 2007

Look who came to live with us!

This little girl joined the family today. The vet guessed she was 10-12 weeks old until he looked at her teeth. She has all her adult teeth, so he thinks she must be closer to 5 months old. Poor thing lived on a farm with about 200 other cats. The farmer didn't feed them, but just threw out old leftovers and whoever ate, won that day. Luckily for her a construction worker saw her limping and asked if he could take her. I saw the sad story on craig's list yesterday, and you may know I have a soft heart (and even softer head) for a sad animal story. So I emailed them today, and the people who took her in met me at the vet's office. She has a bum leg on her hind right. The vet thinks she was bitten by something and it's infected. She has an upper respiratory infection, ear mites...basically I came home with 5 different meds and if there is an open orifice, I have a cream, or drop to put in it. My vet told the cat that she had just won the life lottery by coming to my house to live. :)

She is really sweet. She just wants to cuddle with you and purr, which is amazing since she is for all intents and purposes a feral cat. She is a calico, and her markings are really pretty. The orange parts of her are sort of tiger striped, and she has white feet and chest.

Now, the hard part....what to name her?? Part of me wants to call her Vegas because she beat the odds, or something like that. Maybe Phoenix...dunno. Suggestions?

P.S. my allergies haven't started yet, but the vet did just give her a bath. We'll see.


Walt said...

Oh God. The Life Lottery comment just broke my heart. She's so lucky to have you. Hopefully she'll be up to snuff in a week or so. Poor little thing.

How are her new siblings taking to her?

And more pics!!

Nessa said...

Ohhhh, She is so sweet! She def has lady luck on her side :)

She is so happy to have someone love on her, oooh Holly. I love kitties.

Fairy Princess Holly said...

She hasn't officially met the siblings. I'm waiting 3 days for her ear mites to clear up first. Harvey did sneak past me and run up to her, and she hissed at him. Can't blame her, he was running at her like a maniac.

mikeypod said...

cute! something about taking in strays just makes me glad. kudos to you for adopting her!

Tim Corrimal said...

She is beautiful, Holly! I'm so glad you gave her a home! Our Kitty, Betty, who died in April of 2006 was a runt and had a wonderful live of 18 years. She spent the last 11 years of her life with us and we are still not over her death. I hope we can rescue another kitty soon. But my partner isn't quite ready yet.

Happy New Year to the entire family! You are the greatest!

RambleRedhead said...

Beautiful cat and so glad you took it home to give some love!