Sunday, December 23, 2007

Got the tree up today...just in time.

Aren't purple velvet stockings traditional??? Well they are in my house! We have them for us and the pets, unfortunately Pottery Barn discontinued them, so the dogs have to share one. Poor babies. Where the tree is, is usually where River's cage is. The window sits just above the top of his cage--yep, it's that big! (and I have a bigger one in the basement I've been toying with putting him in) He is displaced right now. He's not really in the kitchen per se, but the entire main level is one room, so he's more in a sitting area just outside of the kitchen. It's hard to label areas of a house that doesn't really have walls.

I procrastinated putting up the tree more than usual this year because this awful woman, Ann broke all my favorite ornaments at the Art and Craft sale last month. The part that really chaps me is that she didn't even say she was sorry. People are thoughtless and stupid.

The other pic is also our Christmas card this year. Many of you should be getting it in the mail any day now. It's Nick and I when he played Santa at Petco two weeks ago. I should have taken it earlier...this was the very end of the day. We were both tired, and "Santa" wasn't his freshest after having a million dogs on his lap that day! :)


Venus said...

So cute! Your holiday decor and you and your Santa. ;)

Archerr said...

What a cute picture of you two!

Walt said...

You guys are adorable.

Merry Christmas!!

Nessa said...

holly you are so cute! Nick ehhh, kidding :)

Love to you and Nick! Merry Christmas!!!