Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Productive day

Well, I was productive last night. I did get some of my Christmas shopping done, so that makes me feel a little less tense. I also found Guitar Hero III for the Wii. The Target near me had a ton of them, and now I regret not buying more to put on ebay.

This morning I was a tiny bit out of breath, but not bad at all, and it went away once my workout was done. I think I've officially survived the "green tea incident!" I do like to drink the Lipton Diet Green Tea with Citrus, but it's not so concentrated like the extract.

Today we have our employee sale at work! I hope there is something cheap and sparkley for me to have! Although I sure don't need to spend any more money right now. That's ok, most things are between $25-$50 at the sale. If it's REALLY EXPENSIVE it might be $100 or so. It's funny how your judgement on what's "expensive" when you're used to wholesale.

Anyway, I better go...I'm being a bad girl at work. :)

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