Friday, December 21, 2007

Reliving Christmas Past

Okay, so I must have some suppressed memories of Nick's Grandma's craziness, and sadly they are flooding back. I had completely forgotten that 2 years ago, Kim (Nick's cousin) made the terrible and unforgivable mistake of bringing a French Silk pie for dessert on Christmas Eve. Nick's grandma flipped out. Wanna know why? You would think that maybe she already had a special dessert planned or something along those lines...nope. It was because we weren't having dessert on Christmas Eve, only on Christmas Day. WTF??? NO DESSERT ALLOWED ON CHRISTMAS EVE!!

She was in rare form that day. This was also the day that she decided the kids were too noisy. Now being childless myself, I have a low tolerance for child noise, but I have to say they weren't misbehaving or noisy in any way. So when it was time to sit down to Christmas dinner, the Christmas Nazi said, "You know what the best part about eating is? NOBODY can talk!" And with that we sat and ate our dinners in awkward silence. Merry Effing Christmas!

You know what I decided? I'm bringing pie. I'm bringing both Candy Cane and French Silk! Screw it. It's Christmas, and precious little brings me joy like a nice dessert. If I have to put up with her maniacal bullshit, then there will be dessert involved! I'm taking back Christmas, oh yes--there will be dessert. Nick's afraid...very, very afraid.


Nessa said...

Hells yes! TAKE IT BACK!

Walt said...

I don't think I could love you any more than I do at this moment. Bring dessert and savor it in front of there.

Mr. Bee said...

Ah, throw it in the old bats face...Merry Christmas!