Saturday, November 3, 2007

Busy and crazy.

Hey all. Let's see...what's been going on?

I went to Chicago 2 weeks ago. It was really fun except hitting terrible traffic both coming and going. I usually make it in 5.5-6 hours. It took over 8 hours both ways. By the time I made it to Chicago, I was really tired. I managed to run a red light and almost hit a guy on a bike. Since it was a rental car, I'd have had to throw his body in the trunk and dispose of it in the lake. ;) Clayton said he would help me "get rid of the body"...that's a good friend! We went to dinner and ate and laughed. I really miss him, and am going to have to make a point of visiting him more often.

Saturday we went out for breakfast to I think it was called Ann Sathers. We had a TON of comfort food. Cinnamon rolls, egg wraps, hash browns with cheese. Yum, but it was enough to feed 4 more people. Then we went shopping and had pedicures. It was really warm, and we were both dressed way to warm in jeans and sweatshirts, so I bought a pair of flip-flops at DSW to try to cool off. I have really sensitive skin, and the flip flops wore the skin off the top of my feet. (I still have scabs now, 2 weeks later) Then we met JayT and John for dinner. Dinner was nice. The restaurant was on the river and near the theater, so it was convenient.

We went to the Kathy Griffin show, and it was hilarious! The only bad thing is it started 1/2 hour late, and it was a 10:30 show that was a bit passed this old girl's bedtime! They were taping her stand up for a comedy special that I believe will be on Bravo, so there were cameras everywhere. Clayton has a really loud boisterous laugh and we were seated on the aisle, so the camera man kept crouching next to me and filming us laugh. It made me a little nervous, but it was fun nonetheless.

So last week my in-laws were in town. My MIL is a fairly unpleasant person. (by fairly unpleasant, read "hideous") She is quite heavy, and is a miserable human being who takes joy in making others miserable. For example, she is so fat she can't fit behind the steering wheel of a car, yet she will tell me how fat she thinks I've gotten. (At the time I drove a MINI really I fit into the tiniest car, she doesn't fit into ANY car!) Really, that's just rude to say. She has no manners whatsoever. This time she didn't pick on me for that, (I weigh 123lbs, how could she, really?) but did tell me my dog is fat. (He isn't any heavier than normal, he just needs a haircut!) She also told me I'm selfish for spending $350 on my GPS unit. Um, last time I checked I work for a living, and if I want to spend MY money on a GPS that's my own business. I told her that too. I said we have 6 figures in the 401(k), contribute monthly to our money market account and our private rainy day stock account, and if I want to spend that on an electronic toy for myself it's okay because I'm worth it. That somewhat shut the bitch up. She's just awful. The best part is I got to spend Friday, Saturday AND Sunday with them. Yay me-Not!

My second husband is either going to have a nice family, or be an orphan...I really don't care which. :)

So this week I've been dealing with a sick dog. Harvey our poodle mix has been sick. He has been lethargic, no appetite, can't really walk etc. I have had him into the vet for now $300 worth of tests. They are thinking he has some calcification in the discs in his back. We put him on steroids last night, and I'm hoping it helps. I accidentally overdosed him, too, so I was up most of the night keeping an eye on him. I was supposed to give him 1 pill 2 times a day, and for some reason I gave him 2 pills last night. I'm usually so good at that sort of thing, but I've has some short term memory issues since the accident. (still have a headache from it, in fact) Anyway I was going to make him drink peroxide to throw up, but I called the emergency vet and they said it should be fine, but to keep an eye on him. He was panting all night, so that made me worry, but this morning he is fine. Hope the meds work for him. It's heartbreaking to see a dog who can't really even walk. He's only 5, so he's too young for all this crap.

Ok, so there you go...that's what I've been up to.


Walt said...

Tell Nick that because he subjected you to Woman Hitler that he needs to treat you to a day at the spa. It's the least he can do, if you ask me.

Nessa said...

I hope your doggie is ok!

I'm with walt! Day of pampering is in order.