Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Today's lessons learned

1. I don't look like a bimbo. At least that's what Jimmi on Real Men Wear Pink said on today's episode. I guess that's good.

2. If you find a white piece of plastic with the Apple logo all chewed up, that's likely going to be a bad thing. (It was the USB cable to my iPod...thanks Sunshine!)

3. This one is the most important one, so don't forget it. People are scumbags; don't waste your time trying to be nice to them. They don't deserve it, so don't bother.

Lesson 3 was taught to me today by the scumbag who hit my car last night. She was all apologies last night, but today she is Little Miss Liar Pants. This is what actually happened. I was stopped waiting at a stoplight. She came and smashed into my rear-end. She said her ABS didn't work for some reason, and that it was slippery from the rain. (it wasn't even slippery) The police seemed like they wanted to give her a ticket. They kept asking me if she was talking on the phone or text messaging. If she was driving negligently in any way. I said it was just one of those things that happens, and I didn't think she was negligent. The police officer seemed to be leading me to try to ticket her. I felt bad, she was a college student and had never been in an accident. Her car looked like it's most likely totalled, so I didn't want her to get a ticket in addition to all that. So how does she show her appreciation for me being nice to her? For me not yelling at her for hitting me? For me trying to make sure she didn't get a ticket? She lies about what happened in an effort to make it look like it was partly my fault. Her statement to her insurance agent was that I was speeding down the street and slammed on my brakes. Um, yeah I was speeding down the street at a breakneck zero miles per hour! Yep! Just sitting at the stoplight like a maniac!

I guess we need these wake up calls every now and then. People aren't nice. Don't make the mistake that because you are nice, others might be too. They aren't--they suck.

So the mechanic that looked at my car told me that he wouldn't recommend driving it to Chicago. Happy flippin' birthday celebration weekend to me! I'm going to try to get her insurance company to rent me a comparable car. It's funny, the Murano is considered a "premium" car and costs about $50 per day to rent. I don't feel like I should not have to drive junk, and they should provide me with something similar to what their insured wrecked. We'll see how this goes.

This blog was much better before blogger ate it and I had to rewrite it...

Sorry to be so foul the past couple of days. I'm really stressed out. I'm achy. My head hurts, and for some reason my soul hurts and it makes me cry.


Mr. Bee said...

Holly, the bottom line is she hit you from behind. Even if you slammed on your brakes, she hit you from behind. I know you were at a stoplight, but she hit you from behind.
What if a child ran into the street or a dog and you hit your brakes. The point is she hit you, she was following to closely. There is no other need for an explanation on your part. She hit you from behind it is automatically her fault.

Fairy Princess Holly said...

I know. It's totally her fault, even her insurance agent admits that. It's just the Libra in me that must have justice, and I hate that I was nice to her and spared her a ticket and then she turns out to be a scumbag. I tend to be too nice to people and they always screw you in the end, it seems. The end result for her is the same either way. 100% her fault. It's just that she could handle it with some honor and integrity, or be a scumbag. She chose the latter, and it pisses me off.

I don't know why I let stuff like this upset me.

Nessa said...

Holly sweetie, it is perfectly ok to be pissed. Be mad girl!

Love you

Walt said...

Hey, missy, where are you? It's been a while since your last post, dammit.

Nessa said...

haha how funny that both Walt and I came to harass you about updating within 12 hours of eachother.

anywho, any updates on your car?

I really should be getting ready for work. haha!