Monday, November 12, 2007

I won Christmas!

I emailed my cousin Carrie after hearing she was calling family members upset about Christmas. The email was short and sweet, only 2 sentences. "Rumor has it you are upset about Christmas and have been calling everyone. Wouldn't it make sense to call me if you are upset?" And I left my phone number.

So about 15 minutes later Carrie called. I think she realized that she looked like an ass for calling everyone in the family and not addressing it with me. She claims she was just checking around to see if everyone was "okay" with it being at our house. (yeah right) Anyway, it is at my house, not the scary death house. So that is a huge relief. I'm still probably going to have to break down and tell her we don't want to go back there, but at least I've bought time with it at my house this year.

I really don't understand how she could not already know. I mean really 25 people standing around the kitchen watching someone die is traumatic. Duh! Oh well. I am just relieved that it's settled and we have been spared the drama this year, at least. I had actually been having nightmares lately because of it. :(


Mr. Bee said...

Good for you! Now you can control the hell out of it! I love that!

Fairy Princess Holly said...

Yes, and the cocktails will be flowing freely!

Walt said...

Is your cousin the type who will hold this against you forever?

I'm glad you won, if only for now. Maybe after the holiday you can send her a card saying "At my parties, no one drops dead."