Monday, January 25, 2010

Random Thoughts of the Unemployed

1. When you don't have a job, your home is no longer the oasis it once was. It begins to feel like your prison.

2. Daytime tv is made for idiots. If you start with average intelligence, you'll soon be an idiot after a few episodes of Maury, Dr. Phil, and the likes.

3. The exception to #2 is Regis and Kelly. Especially if Anderson Cooper is filling in. Kelly is so funny, and makes Anderson delightfully uncomfortable. He is often the guest host on Fridays. Don't ask how I know this.

4. I will watch an episode of Wife Swap in it's entirety, even though that show is awful.

5. All the blue-haired old ladies at the mall on weekday mornings know each other. It's like a club, or cult...I'm not sure which.

6. It's very easy to lose your mind.

7. It's equally easy to lose your self worth.

8. The pets seem to enjoy having a full time maid.

9. It's nice having time to catch up on some reading and DVDs I've been wanting to watch.

10. God bless Lifetime for Will & Grace reruns. Some days it's the only time I smile.

11. As much as I complain about some of my coworkers, it's incredibly lonely at home all day.

12. I worry I'll be unable to find a job and end up working at McDonald's to the embarrassment of my friends and family.

13. In reality, even McDonald's would never hire me. I'm "over-qualified" and for that reason they know I won't stay long term.

14. I'm scared as hell.

15. I'm bored as hell.

16. I'm having some problems controlling my eating. I've been binging from stress & boredom.

17. I wish I could go back and tell that stupid 20-something year old to get her bachelors degree. A gemology degree, and a jewelry design degree are the same exact thing as NO degree. Idiot.

18. Part of me just wants to use the job loss as a reason to move away and start a new life.

19. It's nice not having to worry if I have to get up early to deal with snowy roads. The answer is always no. I can roll out of bed at the crack of noon everyday if I feel like it. (but I'd miss Regis and Kelly) ;)

20. I don't like living in limbo. It's different limbo than I was living in before worrying if I'd get laid off, but not less stressful. Just different.

21. I don't want to whine, be negative, or be a burden to anyone. But I'm failing at that.


[LaLa] Lauren said...

I eat when I'm bored, I feel your pain. It's like a disease..I know I shouldn't be doing it, I feel awful after I eat out of boredom..yet I keep doing it. Is there anything you can do during the day to get out of the house? Maybe volunteer somewhere? It's not much but maybe you can meet some people who might be able to help you find a paying job? *shrugs* just an idea. I think it's the direction I'd go if I were unemployed. (Which will probably happen soon if I don't find a job...)

JayT said...

I COULD add a ton of stuff to this list.. :) -

Tom Basquill said...

That was a great post! I totally felt the same when I was unemployed. I was able to find a job about 6 weeks ago, and I know that you will too.

I really appreciate the honesty and emotion in this list.

If you're interested, I'm planning a job search event next month. It is geared towards those looking at the nonprofit sector for employment, but you would be welcome to attend. Let me know.