Monday, December 22, 2008


1. I squeeze the toothpaste from the middle of the tube. I'm unapologetic about it, and because of this, Nick won't share toothpaste with me. :) I have my very own tube.

2. I love a hoodie. I have probably 30 hoodies minimum in my closet. I love a hoodie sweatshirt (Lucky in particular) I love a hoodie sweater, a hoodie jacket, I love all things with hoods. Not sure why.

3. I hate wool. Even a small fraction of a percentage makes me itch, and it doesn't matter if I wear a shirt under it. Yuck.

4. I should be on the treadmill right now.

5. I had to call my father last night when writing out Holiday cards, because I couldn't remember if my uncle was dead or alive. (he's alive....who knew?)

6. I think being unable to recall if someone is even alive or not, means they shouldn't be on your holiday card list.

7. I am feeling a little excited for Giftmas and I'm not sure why.

8. That last statement might be a lie. I think I know why....I have a bunch of junk food I'm making to eat on Christmas Day. I also made new rules on the gift buying of the money grubbers.

9. I just started working out with a weight ball, and I love it. (thanks Walt!)

10. I would love to have six pack abs. How does that happen??


[LaLa] Lauren said...

RE: #10. I want abs too. Pretty sure they don't happen unless you're naturally blessed, or if you have a personal trainer. Ugh!

Starshine said...

you should do a follow box thinger mabob so that i can add myself and remember to follow your blog.

i agree if you can't remember if someone is alive or dead they DON"T deserve a christmas card....i'm just sayin lol

Starshine said...

oh this is Leah by the