Monday, January 12, 2009

Here we go again....and I'm rambling.

Today it happened. The thing I've known would, but kept hoping it would be later, or that the economy would pick up and it could be avoided. I'm officially a part-time employee again. I've done it all before. I know I can live on my part-time salary combined with Nick's. I'm just tired of being worried. I'm tired of feeling like I have no control. I hope things get better. I feel grateful to have a job at all, given the circumstances.

I'm just worried about money. I have Christmas bills to pay off, and I bought the treadmill. The thing is, I shouldn't have bought my new treadmill. I knew this and did it anyway. I didn't need it. It was just a want, and I should have been more responsible....but I've been responsible for so long, and my old treadmill is almost ready to fall apart. I love it, and honestly I need cardio due to my heart conditions. So in my mind I can justify it as a need. But in reality, it was just a want, and I should have made do with what I already owned.

On the money front, I bought some things at the REI super clearance sale this weekend. I think they do it twice a year, and I love this sale so much. I usually find some fabulous North Face things for over 1/2 off, and score some sweet deals. This year was no different. I got several really great deals. Well with today's news, I contemplated taking things back to the store, but then looked on ebay and saw that some of the things I bought I can turn a decent profit on ebay. For example, one North Face Venture rain jacket I bought for $34 at REI sold today on ebay for $72.59, and another for $82.67. The North Face Denali Hoodie I bought for $60 just sold for $147.50, so I think I can make a little extra cash this way. Then the select items I want to keep can be much cheaper or even free. :) Leave it to me to find creative ways to pay for things. When I was young and poor I used to do patch testing for Aveda. They don't test on animals, so they "pay" human volunteers with gift certificates for Aveda products. Don't stand between a girl and her hair care products!

Anyway, that's enough rambling from me. I'm trying to stay positive, and not worry too much....but for those of you who know me, I'm sure you know I'm freaking out.


erik98122 said...

Oh hell! That is sucky news in the job dept. :( More free time to play with the animals I suppose. Hopefully the economy will turn around here soon. So many of my friends are in the same boat. Scary times

[LaLa] Lauren said...

Hmmm tell me more about this patch testing for Aveda!!

Mark said...

Don't feel bad about buying the treadmill. I find they are great to hang clothes on!

Starshine said...

I'm sorry to hear that Holly.

I do have to say one thing. Don't regret getting that treadmill. You got that treadmill for a reason. Heart condition or a want in itself, whatever you got it for you got it for you. Really it's the middle of winter, below zero temps, and who knows how much more snow we will get, are you gonna get out and walk around your block?? Probably not, unless you really like walking in the cold. But no, you've put how many miles on that thing since you've got it, and you get to watch tv, and have multi-daily snacks of hummus because your committed too it.

It's gonna be rough and your friends are here for you. But stay positive!! I'm probably secretly the least positive person I know, but I keep positive thoughts for the people I like. I've been doing better about myself and some good things have come from it, but I put others first. I wish you all the best Holly.