Monday, August 25, 2008

Thursday Aug 21st

I landed at JFK at 10:00 am to discover my friend Marie had text messaged me to say she won't be coming Thursday because her plane had been grounded. (I guess it broke curfew or didn't finish it's chores) No, really she was coming from Jacksonville FL and Tropical Storm Fay was coming back inland and wreaking havoc on Jacksonville. She was on standby, but we would later find out they just would change her status to "cancelled" for this weekend. :(

I went out to lunch with our listener JZ. We went to a little Italian restaurant and I had eggplant parm. It was really good. JZ is a really sweet guy, and was a lot of fun to have lunch with! :) He also brought me a pressie! I got Fantasy Island the first season on DVD! I adore that show! (THANKS JZ!)

After that, Larry Klye had arrived in town, so we were going to go get tickets to see Mary Poppins at the TKTS booth. Chef Mark called and we got together and had a couple of cocktails. As we were doing that, British John called and stopped by for a quick drink since he had out of town company.

Larry and I went to Mary Poppins, and it was a lot of fun. I took a tiny nap right at the begining, but only maybe for 10 minutes. (I didn't miss any of the important stuff!) After we were done, we met up with Freddy and Jed. Larry and I were hungry, so we finally found a pizza place and got some food. They were about to close, but stayed open and made our pizza....finally we left when they shut off the lights. It was good food and good company, and Freddy and Jed are adorable, as is Larry Klye. We got to hear him eat in person! ;)

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erik98122 said...

Good times!! Love the pics!! I'm SO wanting a cupcake! NOW!!!