Monday, August 25, 2008

Friday Aug 22nd

Larry Klye eating pizza....again!
British John drinking!
Freddy drinking....3 drinks!
Okay, okay...try to look serious!
Take one.
Freddy and Jed. Cute!
Because John's straight.
Subway shenanigans
Idea stolen from Big Fatty. (hi Dad!)
Me! I got cold in Central Park
How cute is Jed?
John's dunce hat.

A beautiful day to lay around in Central Park
British John laying in Central Park
Graffitti shenanigans. "Why" starring John
"I'm so sexy" starring Freddy
"I'm a shithead" starring Jed
John couldn't take it anymore
Because John's NOT a gay man!
John and Freddy "bonding"
Freddy and John
Freddy and Holly
Mmmmm hurricanes! But not the bad kind.
The gang out for hurricanes and appetizers
John and Holly at lunch. He never stops talking! ;)
Larry Klye and John at Rockefeller Center.


(F)redddy said...

John is such a whore.

LOVE these pictures...and even remember some of them!

sassychickabea said...

Hey Holly, I keep forgetting to tell you how great your highlights came out after you got your hair done. And I keep meaning to ask, who makes cow tracks ice cream!? I've never heard of it but it sounds great. I am an ice cream whore.

Walt said...

These pictures suck. Only Saturday and Sunday pictures are worth looking at.