Monday, November 26, 2012

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Why not?

You know I've always screamed from the rooftops when I love a product? Well, I'm gonna start telling you about it and linking it on my blog. If I'm gonna advertise like I've always done, might as well monetize, right? So here goes...I'll tell you the stuff I love and why, and if you want to buy it, click my link. (And the stuff I hate, I'll still complain about, per usual...but I won't get paid for that) ;)

When I moved to my condo in June, the best purchase I made was my Roomba. I like a clean house, because of my OCD, but I have 2 cats in a 1200sq ft condo. Being alone, and working full-time, I had more housework to do, and less time to do it because, lets face it...I'm ALWAYS on the go. Always. So, I bought my little Roomba, (who I named Rosy) and she's been a lifesaver. My house is always clean, and all I ever do is empty her pan. I thought they seem like a cheesy thing to get, but seriously, it's my favorite thing. I never have the kitty hair tumbleweeds, it works SO well. I have tile, hard wood and carpet, and it works on all the surfaces equally. So there you's a few of Holly's Favorite Things. Move over Oprah. ;)

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Anonymous said...

I love that your blogging again. I want to start again but haven't had the time.
Mollie :)