Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Confession

I am not a perfect girl.
I am human too and will fail you often
I don't have hair that stays in place
I don't have the body of a supermodel
I am not calm, quiet, nor reserved
I won't always love you
I am a hypocrite
I won't agree with you
Irony loves me
Double-standards prevail
Don't say you love me to get on my good side
All I ask is that you HUG ME
I'm shy
Talk to me Be interested Be genuine
I'm a bitch
Fuck love
What I say goes
I'm sensitive
I am brutally honest
Don't lie to me
More than likely, I am smarter than you, and you know it
Protect me
I see right through you
I cry
Chocolate is my weakness
I'm artistic
Sometimes all I want is for you to hold me
I won't make it easy on you
I don't want to hear you like me
I hate you I want you I love you
No one cares
I'm not a princess nor do I aspire to become one
I don't always say the right things
You are blind

Taken from an Unknown writer, but sums it all up.

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