Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I got a job. It's the one I REALLY wanted, and I think I'll be really happy there. They have fantastic benefits, including PAYING me to walk. I signed up to get one of their fancy pedometers, and based on how much I walk, I can earn $500 tax free dollars per year as an incentive to stay fit. Um...yeah....that's a program I'm gonna ruin for everyone! They have discounted pet health insurance as a part of our benefits package, discounted Disney tickets, great 401(k), a massage therapist that comes in every other Thursday, (no joke--a MASSAGE AT WORK!!!) I got a brand new laptop, and don't have to run on OS Win98 anymore, and it's a really positive environment. My boss is really nice and laid back, which is so the opposite of what I've been used to working for Grumpy for the last 9 years.

I don't think I realized how incredibly unhappy I was at my old job until I got a new one. It's like night and day. They appreciate me here, treat me well, respect my opinion, and I barely know how to react to it.

Only downside is I realized how Excel spreadsheet challenged I am. I only know the very basics, and need to know more complex things, which kind of freaked me out. I actually got so scared, I got almost a mental block about it. It's ok, I'm working through it. I'm too pretty to know Excel, but I'm trying. ;)

Oh, hey...don't forget to sponsor my humane society walk for animals. My work will match what I sponsor, and I will be donating $1000, so be generous. Thanks! Love you.


(F)redddy said...

So, ummm, 2 months later are you still diggin' it?

Fairy Princess Holly said...

I love it, Freddy! It's an awesome company! (voted one of the top companies to work for in MN)